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  • 25 November 2013

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    to a really cool place where you can learn about wooden clocks.

    Just like this one..........................

    clock-whats it about and it gets better............

    Everything on this site is free.

    About this website........

    This site will appeal to anyone with a love for weird machines, neat woodworking and of course ..........clocks!

    And who couldn't use another clock in the house? Especially one that needs regular attention and makes a bit of a racket. If this is you, then you've come to the right place.

    The clock you see here is not identical to, but very similar to one first seen in Fine Woodworking January 1986.

    When I first started to learn about making my own webpage, the tutorial suggested keeping the website focused on a single topic.
    I chose wooden clocks. The rest is history.

    On this site you'll find much more than woodworking plans................

  • free woodworking plans to download (of course)
  • pictures of wooden clocks from around the world
  • clock math and theory
  • animations of clocks in motion
  • woodworking tips
  • links to help you build your own clock and more

    e-mails from woodworkers from around the world have helped this webpage grow.
    your feedback, questions and tips are always appreciated.

    But please read thru the entire website before e-mailing me with your questions.
    There is a very good chance that your answer is here.

    This website uses animated gifs.

    spiderman If Spiderman isn't dancing visit FAQ to find out what to do.

    Glad you made it this far.

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    Enjoy the rest of the site. spiegel

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