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All About Cycloidal Gears

Cycloidal tooth form gears are the preferred gear type for Clocks.

One advantage of the cycloidal tooth form is that pinions with as little as 5 teeth can be used.

Pinions with 5 teeth are not recommended because they do not mesh as smoothly as larger pinions.

They have to be made much more accurately than larger pinions because of the limited tooth engagement.

Holy Cow! What's this?

This animation shows that it is possible to use 5 tooth pinions.

The gears shown are true cycloidal profiles at the point of contact.

Check the smooth rolling action!

5 tooth pinion in action

A nice asymetric pair

This animation shows a 10 tooth pinion in mesh with a 30 tooth wheel.

The parts of the gears that are in contact and doing the work are true cycloidal profiles.

The gears are carved away to give some needed clearance. The carving is done to give the gears a little style and yet not weaken the teeth.

This gear set would make an excellent test pair for those of you who are a little unsure about tackling one of these clocks.

Full scale plans for this pair can be found on the download page.

cyc asym pair 1

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