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Download -Fine Woodworking Clock Variation

My first clock based on a 1986 Fine Woodworking article.
Available as ACAD only.

download (124k) Fine Woodworking Variation Plans

How do I print the ACAD templates?

Sorry, but I am unable to supply printed drawings for this clock through the mail at this time.

  • Check the Scale

    All of the parts are drawn full scale in inches. The 1 inch x 1 inch square in each drawing view is used to verify that your printer is producing full scale plots in both the x and y directions.

    I found out the hard way after making my first gear set that printers and photocopiers can distort your print. photocopiers often use a lens that can distort the copy. The drum that advances the paper in your printer may not advance the paper as much as the print head moves from side to side. A distorted print will give you a distorted gear.

    Always double check that your prints are full scale by verifying the 1"x1" square is truly 1"x1"

    Most of the parts will fit on an 8.5" x 11" or A4 size page.
    Some parts are larger than letter size paper. These are most likely parts you can build from the scaled down drawings rather than gluing the cutouts to wood. You could have these larger parts printed at a commercial print house or drafting shop.

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