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Gary Mahony. Toronto Canada.

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You really want to check this site out.
Karen is the author of the popular Power Tools, free programs that make life with Windows a lot easier.

SolidworksSolidworks and more information on E-Drawings. Edrawings can be used to view ACAD files.

Arachnophilia homepage

Visit Arachnophilia to get your copy of the program used to write the HTML code for this website.

How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works

Howstuff Works Gears

How Stuff Works Pendulums

A truly wonderful website.

Jam Packed with easy to understand info.


HyperPhysics is an ever evolving website with loads of information for the clock builder and student.

One of the best websites anywhere.


foucault pendulumsCalifornia Academy of Sciences

This is a very entertaining and informative site about some unusual pendulums.

Note that these pendulums are very heavy and are very long too.


This is a very good site with loads of technical info on everything to do with making small mechanisms.

There is an especially good section on gear theory.

You can also download 2D and 3D cad models to import directly into your cad programs.

boston gear

This is where I got the 2D cad drawings to make my first wooden clock.

An excellent resource that has been greatly improved since 1995 when I first downloaded 2D dxf gear drawings.

cycloid linkHugh Sparks

Here is a good link on how to draw cycloidal gears.

Hugh Sparks Homepage

cnczone The CNC Zone

If you are interested in CNC machining then you owe it to yourself to visit this site.

IdriderA link to David J. Morrow's website where he is making a clock using a CNC Router.

Joan HohnsonJoan Johnson- Mechanical Engineering education site

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