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Flavio's E-mail tells sit all.

Way to go Flavio.............

Hi Gary,

First of all I need to congratulate you for the excellent site you have for clock lovers and fans.

Iíve always liked clocks. Last year I took an course on carpentry and got so excited about it that I started taking on every project I saw on the Internet, including yours.

Some of them went well, some didnít, but after a while I got to finish them.
Iím still trying to get your Clock 2003 ready but have not succeeded so far.
As I donít give up easily I decided to wait a little longer and restart the project later, when I have more experience.
Iím now on Fine Wookworking Clock Variation. Letís see what happens!

You will find attached some pictures of the projects I have finished so far, including some adaptations I made to Jeff Schierenbeckís ďAscentĒ.
Itís an Art Noveau piece I made in acrylic.

I wonder if my pictures are good enough to be in your site. Itís up to you to decide if they are worth it or not.

( ed note:are you kidding? These are great!)

Iím also part of, a Brazilian carpentry forum.
These guys provided me incentive so I decided to make a kind of step by step tutorial on how to make a wood clock.

If you want to see it, here is the link:

See also attached some Youtube links.


FlŠvio Machado

Flavio Machada Flavio Machada Flavio Machada Flavio Machada Flavio Machada Flavio Machada Flavio Machada Flavio Machada

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