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From Joe's e-mail............

My machine shop class and I built your clock out of aluminum.
It turned out to be a very interesting project.

We still need to build the drive weights and the sliding weight for the pendulum.

We're having trouble getting it to run on time. We're running about 6 - 12 seconds fast for each minute.

We are playing around with weight on the pendulum and also the drive weights but we haven't stumbled onto the right combination.

Is there a procedure for timing a clock?

I've attached some pictures for you to look at. Thank you. Joe Petty

Joe and I are working on solving his issue with the clock running a little fast.(Actually Joe and his class are doing all the work, I'm just the reporter.)
We are pretty sure that all he has to do is increase the length of his pendulum to slow his clock down.

I have some theories about why some clocks need radically different pendulum lengths in order to keep time.
I have a strong suspicion that the differences can be accounted for in the increase in in inertia from using metal rather than wood for the gearing.
Got some work to do on this one.

Joe says that other than running a little fast the clock behaves beautifully.

Joe plans to send more pics as the work progresses.

Way to go Joe! Nice job.

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