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Ken Powers

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Iím attempting to build your 2003 clock. What a beautiful design. I was taken by the symmetry and the shape of your gears. The autocad drawing are a great help. I have been able to plot all the part out full size to use as templates for the scroll work.

I have found a problem with a conflict with the hour hand and the Idler Hour Hand Assembly. The Idler-shaft (P-C03-0017) is in the plane of the Hour Hand and prevents movement of the hour hand. In retrospect it is visible in your side view drawings of the full clock.

Have others encountered this problem or have I done something wrong?

Another question, do you have a starting weight to use for the drive weights?

Thanks again I enjoy your website and the links you provide.

Ken Powers

Thank's Ken.

Really appreciate your feedback.

Been swamped lately but will post up a revision to the clock plans to solve the problem with the hour hand colliding with the stationary shaft.

Clock should run with around 6 pounds of weight.

Here is a picture of Ken's work in progress........

(This is a real nice picture. Very well lit. Nice Job Ken.)

Ken Powers

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