gary's clocks

Joseph E. Begany


Joe has been building wooden clocks off and on for twenty years strictly by commission.

He's looking to get back into building clocks and has a number of designs on the table.

Attached is a slide of the first clock he sold at an American Craft show in Philadelphia in 1983.
Interestingly enough Joe was placed in a booth across from Wayne Westphale mentioned in this website.
Joe talked to Wayne several times since that show including just before the Fine Woodworking article.

Joe's first clocks used an involute curve generated gear tooth using some interpolation numbers from a machine book he found.
He had information on the cycloidal gear teeth of old clocks but could never generate teeth that looked proper due to errors in the text he was using as reference. That was why Joe moved to the involute teeth.

Since then Joe figured out what was missing and has been using cycloid like teeth ever since.

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gary's clocks