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From Liams e-mail..........

I just wanted to thank you for putting up a great web site w/ lots of free plans and good drawings. I'm an artist/carpenter/machinist working working on a giant clock sculpture. I'm constructing a 20' all wood clock tower for an arts festival. If you or anyone you know has experience or tips in construction of large scale wooden clock movements It would be very helpful. I'll send you some pictures of the clock plans too if you're interested I'd love your feed-back. Thanks, Liam McNamara

I've made some progress on the "ClockWorks" Project. As promised I'm sending you some photos. I also discovered that the gear drawings you have posted have noticeably hard corners when they are enlarged. I don't think this is right. Maybe a problem importing them to AutoCad? Any way let me know if there is a way to fix the curves in the drawings and thanks again for all of your help. -Liam

From Gary.........
Re Autocad- I think the sharp edges you see are from setline the ACAD resolution too small. In Autocad command line type "viewres" and select the option for higher resolution of 20,000.
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