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Kerry Provancha

From Kerry Provancha's E-mail............

Gary, Very nice site with lots of really great information. Wish I could have come across it years ago.
I have attached a picture of one of the clocks That I built about 5 years ago.

It has solid Maple gears,(98 % all maple everything) and cocabola hands and # s.

It keeps very good time and uses Cycloid gears..(discovered by trial and error).

The carving and grape design is my original idea and the gears are SIMILAR to the Thomas wood gear clock plans that came out about 30-40 yrs ago, it's more like the clock in Fine Woodworking article from 1986 or so. I didn't know what a cycloid gear was till I saw some info long after my clocks were done. Oh well, I'm not an engineer..

It's been great fun( but 'm not retired yet) and I'll make some more when I get there.( I hope)


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