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Steve Bignell

Here is clock Steve made that from plans found at Brian Laws webpage. Be sure to check out Brians webpage for more free wooden clock plans.

Steve made his clock with a dw100 bandsaw and a draper wood lathe.

It's made from materials that he had laying around his shop.
Got to admit his clock looks real nice.

So this goes to show that workmanship is more important than exotic materials.

The clock normally has a 4lb weight attached to it, but his son,a 3 year old boy, took to spinning it and the brass wire snapped.

A nice feature of the plans from Brian Laws webpage was the ability to print the plans straight on to A4 size printer labels.

Unfortunately this clock needs winding every 4 hours ! (weight drop of approx 1 metre).

Steve tried reducing the diameter of the shaft that the wire wraps around but the loss of leverage made the clock much less willing to work.

So this is 1 problem that Steve is planning to address when he starts on his next clock.

(Some constructive advice from the editor.
Think the gears are little heavy.
Judging from the picture it looks like all of the gears are at least 12mm or 1/2 inch thick.
Inertia and friction might be your enemy on getting the clock to run a little longer.
Still a very nice clock that I'm sure you and your family are proud of.)

Steve is working on deveoping his own design using Autocad.


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