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David Campbell

Toronto, Canada

Dave's constructed a marble machine (kinetic sculpture).


The steel balls are picked up from the trough at the bottom by the chain and sprocket assembly, transported up to the transfer platform, where they are transferred to the geared lifting wheel which lifts them further to dump them on the inclined trough.

They roll down into the turned whirlpool, down through the copper plumbing onto another trough where they are delivered to the carved face.

The mouth cycles (accompanied by shifting eyes) and spits out steel balls back onto the trough for a repeat performance.

All the while the carved hands are clapping, the intermeshing pinwheels are mesmerizing and the geneva wheel is intermittently turning.

Started out as an experiment in making a wooden bicycle chain and just grew.

Dave used cycloidal gear designs from his wooden-geared clock.

Dave we all thank you for sharing this beauty. Thanks for your inspiration.

dave campbell marble

dave campbell clock

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