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George Perzel

George sent me these pictures of a clock he made from the plans he downloaded from this website.

George laser cut the gears using the info from the dxf file.

What's really neat is that George made a half scale model from the plans.

This Model was made by George to better understand relationship between all the parts.

George plans to do one half size out of better wood and see how it works.

Get the Gears already cut from George on e-bay

George has the plans available to make a full size set of gears and pinions at a reasonable price for aspiring horologists and wood workers.

Clcik the link below:

gperzel gears Gears On E-Bay

A complete set of 12 gears/pinions which will enable building Gary's wooden clock, plans for which can be freely downloaded at Gary's downloads

This set includes 5 main gears, an escapement gear, 5 pinion gears, and a ratchet gear.

The main gears and the escapement gear are laser-cut out of 1/4" Otume marine plywood, a very stable 5 ply cabinet grade plywood made with face veneers of otume.

The ratchet and pinions are laser-cut from 1/4" rock maple which was cut over 30 years ago and is extremely stable and very hard.

For reference purposes, the large main gear is 9.25" in diameter.

All gears are center-marked to allow drilling any shaft diameter desired, and are very strong and very accurate.

The laser cutting action provide a dark brown edge surface which provides a stunning contrast in a finished clock.

The gears can be used as they are or be drilled and lathe-turned or edge-routed to enhance their appearance.

Nice work George.................

Contact George by e-mail.......

Half scale views of the clock




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