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This is a prototype I built earlier this year (2006).
It's made from .25" acrylic and brass tube and rod.
It works and keeps fairly good time.
9.78" pendulum, 1 sec period, continuous loop with no winder.
You just move the weight back to the top which disturbs the clock position less, and is fast and easy.

The next one I built looks pretty much the same but does not have brass lantern pinions (has acrylic pinions) or adjustable pallets which saved some work. It runs about 18 hours on 1 pound.
It has run continuously since about May and is off about minute per week.
(no picture yet of the newer version will forward later)
I may try a wood version which would have to be larger.

This one is about 10" tall.

j allen

My first working clock from 2005.

Wheels have internal gears which tell the time. Not very accurate. But interesting.
That is about a 3 pound weight. 39" pendulum.

j allen

A mini model open wheel in acylic.

j allen

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