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Hi all, thought I would share this item I've been working on for 6 months.
It was a retiirement gift for a friend of mine. A while back there was a thread dealing with the same or very similar clock.

Well, it I can be done and this is one of those projects that you really learn alot. I initially make a prototype form acrylic and MDF to help fine tune many items, like not having the beer weights hit the pendulum. The other problem was deciding whether or not to use different colored acrylic, in the end just used clear acrylic.

The last picture is in it's final resting place.

I plan on making another one for myself using baltic birch, well that's the plan at the moment.


p thomas

p thomas

p thomas

The plans came from Clock 2003 Downloads.
The file if I recall was in dxf format.

Worked on all the gears making closed paths and minor tweeks to some, mainly the hole diameter for the shaft. The back plate and pulleys were enlarged to allow clearance for the bottle weights.

Actually, the beer weigths might be a little on the light side. The prototype I was able to run with normal 12oz bottles, but every thing had to be just right.

I wanted to use 12oz bottles as one could change to different varities, but had to use the larger 16oz for the added weight.

The actual pulleys for the 2 beer weights use plastic ball bearing, they do not need to rotate fast as the clock will run over 24 before rewinding. After much trial and error noticed someone asked the question on the weights and 5-8lbs was given. I have to save a couple of bottles let loose during development and did not react favorably to the the concrete floor. If needed was going drink the beer and fill with lead weights, the Grosh bottles are perfect as they use a ceramic cap and some lever system.


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