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  • 26 March 2010
  • Site now hosted by Ted Scaeffer

  • 21Jan 2008
  • Added pics for Ernie from South Florida

  • January 8 2008
  • Annual update.
    Removed clock plans for simplest clocks. Weren't really that simple to make. You'd be better off making a subsection of Clock 2003 instead.

  • September 19 2007
  • Added Pics from Danny Nelson

  • 1 September 07
  • Added pics from Flávio Machado

  • 24aug07

    Added pics for Mathis

  • 21 August 2007

    added bass guitar pic

  • 3 September 2006

    added pics from Gary Gresham

  • 19april 2006

    Added more pics from



    Dave Phillips

  • 14 April 2006

    Added pictures from Joe Petty, David Phillips and Ken Powers for Clock 2003

    David PhillipsDavid Phillips

    joe pettyJoe Petty

    Ken Powers

  • 12Feb06

    Added Pics from Rejean St-Pierre-Quebec Canada

    rejean st-pierre

  • 9Feb06

    added pics from

    boggessBary Boggess

  • 6feb06

    added pics from

    brendan reillyBrendan Reilly


    Doug Fortune

    doug fortuneDoug Fortune

  • 18jan06

    Added Pics from Paul Franceschina and his work on Clock 2003.
    More pics from the prolific Demetris Papakyriacou from Cyprus.

  • 27dec05

    P-C03-0045 is an extra part not used on clock 2003.

  • 24dec05

    added pics from Demtrius

  • 13dec05

    added pic from Joe Kuter

  • 17 Oct 2005

    added pictures from Paul Franceschina

  • 14 August 2005

    Added pictures from

    liam Liam McNamara

    demetrisDemetris Papakyriacou

    and links to Claytons Website

    Clayton Boyer websiteClayton Boyer

  • 13 December 2004

    first hints about paper clock 2005

  • 1 December 2004

    Added Worlds simplest DXF file

  • 27november 2004

    updated picture gallery

  • 25 November 2004

    General Website Housekeeping. Spellcheck etc...........

  • 21 Nov 2004

    Add link to J.R. Beall

  • 19 November 2004

    All of the plans are now available for clock 2003

    clock2003Download Clock 2003

  • 12 November 2004

    Continuing to Add Detail Drawings For Clock 2003-all pinion drawings available

  • 2 November 2004

    Continuing to Add Detail Drawings For Clock 2003

  • 1 November 2004

    Re-organized Downloads page

  • 29 October 2004

    Added first full scale Black and White pdf files for clock 2003

    p-co3-0001Click here to see progress on Clock 2003

  • 26oct04

    added exploded views for clock 2003 assemblies

  • 22oct 04

    Added even more of many pdf files for clock 2003

    File format for is ACAD ver 14 DXF

  • 14oct04

    Added first of hopefully many pdf files for clock 2003

  • 11 October 2004

    Added the DXF file for the Clock 2003 Gears suitable for CNC or Scrollsaw

    clock snagit Clock 2003 DWG

  • 6 October 2004

    Added more pictures from Artist Dale Mathis of Nevada.
    Be sure to check this one out.

    mathis 2 Dale Mathis

  • 19 may 2004

    Added links to

    cnczone The CNC Zone

    If you are interested in CNC machining then you owe it to yourself to visit this site.

  • 13 may 2004

    Revised FAQ and links pages

    See link to Hugh Sparks page on cycloidal gears.

    cycloid linkHugh Sparks-cycloidal gears

  • 4May 2004

    Revised Worlds simplest clock

    Escape Wheel now made from recycled compact disc. Revised Pendulum lever efficiency. wsa-4may04downloads

  • 1 may 2004

    updated parts pdf with addition of missing shaft detail

  • 30 april 2004

    Worlds simplest clock parts available

    worlds simplest parts downloads

    As promised part files in pdf. Holding off on dxf unless you ask real nice.

    There will be other versions of the escape and pendulum parts coming soon so that various engineering concepts can be proven.

    Nothing like a little reality test.

  • 28apr04

    Work in progress--Worlds simplest clock

    wsa1 downloads

    I really like this one.

    Just the assembly so far.

    Parts in dxf and pdf to follow soon. (no kiddin, a coupla days tops.)

  • 18 April 2004

    Now you can get the gears already cut on e-bay gperzelGeorge Perzel
  • 15apr04

    Added pics of a clock rescued from a garage sale

  • 5apr04

    The gravitational constant has been corrected to show 9.8m/sec/sec on my website.
    Thanks Mike Bedard.


    from Mikes e-mail--


    I enjoyed your site very much.

    I suggest that you may have a very subtle error, which appears in at least two spots within the site.

    You list the Gravitational Constant as 9.8m/s In fact this constant specifies a rate of acceleration (as opposed to speed) and thus the units should be meters per second squared.

    I discovered this while walking through the algebra for your "length of pendulum" formula. I always carry my units through the calculations so that they may indicate any possible errors I may have made. In this case the units kept coming out as ms (meter seconds) which I knew could not be true for the length I was expecting.


  • 29mar04

    Added James Feather to picture gallery

  • 22mar04

    Redesigned weblayout so page can be read on browsers that do not support CSS.

  • 12mar04

    General update to all pages.

    info on how to get free plans from Taunton Press on homepage

  • 2mar04

    From Jay...........
    I'm real pleased to have found your site and all of the wonderful information.
    I have a comment on the .dwg file I downloaded.

    There is a hole for a shaft at the top of the clock whose centerlines don't match the center of the hole.
    The hole is 10.856 from the bottom edge of the frame on both the from and back.
    The center lines are about .109 different than the hole.

    The dimension 15.234 in the assembled view should be 15.485 due to the right side of the dimension hitting the intersection of the radius instead of the edge.

    Petty stuff, I know, compared to what's right, but I thought you might be interested.

    Not petty at all.

    Thanks for catching this one.

    The drawing is corrected and can be downloaded from downloads

  • 8feb04

    Added some simple clocks to the work in progress page

  • 29jan04

    Added some cool pictures of a clock made by laser cutting the gears using the cad info from this website. Visit George Perzels Photo page

  • 10jan04

    Added Blog.html

  • 6 jan 04

    added pdf file with BETA-3 version of clock 2003 plans

  • 31 Dec 2003

    The new clock design is nearing completion.

    jpeg pictures of new design on work in progress and home page.

    detailed plans to follow shortly.

  • 21oct 03

    more updates to work in progress.

    Have to investigate compound pendulums.

    Added link to John Hood's webpage.

  • 9 oct 2003

    more updates to work in progress

    a really neat look at the clock gears in motion

  • 6 oct 2003

    more updates to work in progress

  • 1 oct 03 rev 37

    Added picture of work in progress

  • 30sep03 rev 36

    Added pictures of Dave Campbell's kinetic sculpture

  • 24sep03 rev 35

    Added links to Boston Gear and SDP. Updated work in progress and animations pages.

  • 23sep03 rev 35

    Added new counter that displays even with computers using Norton Anti Virus.

    more links, pictures,and page on inertia.

  • 22sep03 rev 34

    Summer is over.

    Added some more pictures and links from woodworkers around the world.

  • 17july03 rev 33

    Added a pdf file to compare 7 and 14 dp gear tolerances

    comp14-7 comp-7-14dp.pdf (148kb)

  • 16july03 rev 32

    Added a page on tolerance anlaysis

  • 15 July 2003 rev 31

    Moved some of the work in progress pendulum theory to tick tock page.

    Answered FAQ about reasons for plywood

  • 13 July 2003 rev 30

    Added thoughts on making a simple clock that fits on to an 8.5 x 11 sheet to work in progress page

  • 3 July 2003 rev 29

    Added first layout of new clock design to work in progress

  • 26 june 2003 rev 28

    Added another inertia comparison to the work in progress page.

  • 25 june 2003 rev 27

    Added an inertia comparison to the work in progress page.

  • 23 June 2003 rev 26

    Added more pictures to the gallery

    added a picture of a belt sanding strip to the tips and tricks page

  • 20June 2003 rev 25

    Added animation to work in progress page that compares various escapement contact angles

    Deleted some suspicious analysis on teeter totters

  • 16 June 2003 rev 24

    Added some animations to the work in progress page

    Temporarily removed the engineering fundamentals info.

  • 9 June 2003 rev 23

    Added what is sure to be a very popular page.

    The Work In progress Page Here you can see the evolution from concept to downloadable plans for what I think should be a revolutionary clock design.

    Added a page devoted to engineering fundamentals
    This page is also a work in progress. First topic covered is teeter totters. More advanced stuff to follow.

  • 6jun03 rev 22

    Added Graham Escapement animation

    Tick Tock upside down Graham Escapement

    Corrected error in the excel file used to calculate gear ratios

  • 5jun03 rev 21

    Added test plans to the download page

    Down load page

    More pictures from around the world

  • 4June2003 rev 20

    Added a webpage with a 5 tooth pinion.

    all about cycloidal gears

    This page on cycloidal gears to be updated soon with more details on how to draw true cycloidal tooth profiles

  • 29May03 rev 19

    Added some new pictures to the gallery of pictures.

  • Back On-line 20 May 2003. rev 18

    This website has been offline since Jan 2003.

    It's nice to be back. Hope you like the new layout.

  • 7 Jan 2003 rev 17

    Added more links and photos to the gallery

  • 9 Dec 2002

    Added Excel Spradsheet to calculate pendulum lengths

  • 7Dec 2002 rev 16

    Added more Exploded views,
    views of the pendulum and
    exploded ratchet assembly Added a Parts List Revised the ACAD drawing plans to include the revised ratchet assembly

  • 3-Dec 02 rev 15

    Added pictures from Clayton Boyer of Hawaii.

    Revised Dave Peel wood info

    removed e-drawings. E-mail me if you'd like an e-drawing. The e-files were just too big.

  • 27 Nov 02 rev 14

    Added more Links to fellow woodworkers and clock enthusiasts

  • 20-Nov-2002-Rev 13

    Added more pictures to gallery

  • 18-Nov-2002-Rev 12

    Added Pictures from woodworkers around the world to gallery

    Added more info to the ACAD templates

  • 20-Oct-2002-Rev 11

    Updated the ACAD drawing
    Added Animations on gear design

    Download revised Clock plans here

    Moved the Solidworks e-drawing page.

    Changed my e-mail address
    Please enter something about wooden clocks in the e-mail subject line.
    E-mail me at

    E-mail me if you'd would like to have a link to your page added or to share picture of your clock

  • 7 Feb 2002-Rev 10

    Repaired files to run on Netscape 4.6.

    Discovered that line-height: 110% command caused pictures to paste on top of text in NN4.6

    FYI: One of the neatest pages on this site requires MSIE5.5 or better in order to work.
    This is the page where you can manipulate the 3D cad model.
    Last time I checked MSIE and Netscape browsers were a free download

  • 2 Feb 2002-Rev9

    Added executable e-drawing for win 95 users and Netscape

    Discovered that Volo-View Free Version will not print full scale

    Added Link to Cadwizz that will print full scale ACAD files.

  • 21 Jan 2002-Rev8

    Added executable e-drawing for win 95 users

  • 17 Jan 2002-Rev7

    Removed redundant " from mail to link.

  • 16 Jan 2002-Rev6

    moved logo to content area from navigation area in an attempt to work with netscape 4.6

  • 15 Jan 2002-Rev5

    Added links in style sheet for netscape

    Added way to click anywhere in nav bar, not just text to link to other pages

  • 10 Jan 2002-Rev4

    All referenced Html files now lower case

  • 9 Jan 2002-Rev3

    JPG pictures no longer open in new window

    All files renamed with no blank spaces in their names

    CLOCK.dwg is now on a zip file.

  • 8 Jan 2002-Rev2

    Jpg pictures from gallery now on separate html sheets.

  • 7 Jan 2002-Rev1-First Release

    This first release is available only on CD

    Future releases will expand on some of the woodworking techniques specific to building this clock

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